Videos: Madness after a “humanoid-like” object seen in the sky! In Russia and Switzerland.

Youtuber recently captured a strange “type of human body” object floating in the sky in the Swiss city of Switzerland, which caused a lot of controversy after recording a video. The filming location is in the capital ,, Switzerland, where it is

Have Our Most Renowned Artists Given Us Clues About The Presence Of UFOs And Aliens In Their Works?

Some famous paintings present enigmas that lead us to question whether the extraterrestrial presence has ever been portrayed through art. When looking at some paintings from past centuries, it is possible to identify structures and objects that closely resemble ships and beings

They appear not only in myths but also in the sacred books of ancient civilizations. Are there angels?

Warrior guardians of the world, noble and powerful, righteous and loving – do they really exist? If they exist, how and where do they actually work? For millennia, humanity has been convinced that everything in this world has its superior spiritual power:

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